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    Smashing stereotypes in science


    Smashing stereotypes in science
    Smashing stereotypes in science

    3M and the British Science Association have once again joined forces to challenge misconceptions about who scientists are, what they look like and what they do.

    • Smashing stereotypes in science

      The 2022 Smashing Stereotypes campaign, launched during British Science Week, featured 3M employees who have progressed through non-traditional routes to take on leadership roles, demonstrating that you don’t need a PhD and to wear a lab coat to be successful in science.

      The interviews with Jade Meer and Craig Ilstone from 3M’s Atherstone site and Donna Gowland and Dean Wright from the Aycliffe plant support this year’s British Science Week theme of ‘growth’. This builds on the campaign launched by the BSA and 3M in 2020 to encourage scientists and researchers to share what they do in their day-to-day work to highlight the diversity of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) workforce and the wide range of careers available in science and engineering.

      3M Communications and Visual Identity manager, Julie Owen, said: “Young people thinking about their future career choices need role models to look up to. By sharing their own journeys into STEM, Jade, Craig, Donna and Dean show that you don’t always have to follow the traditional route into higher education and we hope that this will break down perceived barriers to success and inspire the next generation to consider a career in STEM.

      “This year’s campaign also shines a spotlight on Jaipal Sachdev in his new role as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Aycliffe. Jaipal champions diversity in STEM through his leadership of 3M Pride and his mission to empower all employees to bring their true selves to work.”

      3M is a long-standing supporter of British Science Week, a national celebration of science run by the BSA, and has become a strategic partner of the association for 2022. This will create closer links between the two organisations, who are united in a shared vision to inspire young people in science and provide platforms for underrepresented, marginalised voices in the sector.

      During the week, 3M also hosted STEM activities for local schools and took part in a careers event.