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3M Sustainability

Collaborating for a better world

To 3M, sustainability is about collaborating to find better solutions. As the world population grows, particularly in emerging economies, global challenges must be addressed so we can all live healthy, fulfilling lives. We recognise many our customers face the same challenges and share our sustainability goals. For this reason, we are committed to working with our customers to find innovative solutions to their needs. 


Life Cycle Management

  • Life cycle management is a formal part of our product introduction process worldwide. When we develop a new product, we consider every aspect, from raw materials and manufacturing processes through to distribution and disposal, minimising the impact on the environment at every stage. 

    We adopted a new Life Cycle Management Policy in 2001, covering life cycle reviews for all new and existing products. With hundreds of new products introduced every year, we have a continuous flow of opportunities to improve the environmental, health and safety impact of the things we make.


  • A key part of our life cycle management process is our on-going effort to realise the environmental and cost benefits of reduced packaging.
    We’re reducing the environmental impact of our packaging through redesign, reuse, increased use of recycled materials and by making our cartons, wrappers and bags easier to reuse and recycle. The results are reduced energy use in processing packaging materials and lower cost and emissions from transport. 

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