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3M™ Roto Peen Almen Strip Holder, 2 in x 7 in x 1 in

  • 3M ID 7000046312
  • UPC 50048011037641,00048011037646

7" length

177.8 mm long and 50.8 mm wide

Featuring a 25.4 mm slot width

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  • 7" length
  • 177.8 mm long and 50.8 mm wide
  • Featuring a 25.4 mm slot width
  • Imparts a compressive residual stress that benefits the material by strengthening its durability

Use to hold Almen Strips for testing peening intensity

3M™ Roto Peen Almen Strip Holder
The Basics of a 3M™ Roto Peen Almen Strip Holder
The Almen Strip Holder utilizes three magnets to secure an Almen Strip during intensity testing, prior to production use. An additional Almen Strip is adhered to the holder surface to act as a sacrificial surface to place the testing Almen Strip against so that the Roto Peen Flap Assembly does not encounter a sharp edge.

Best to Test: The Benefits of Almen Testing
Industrial professionals who perform intensity verification and testing know this measurement is instrumental for ensuring consistency and accuracy when peening critical parts and components. By measuring the intensity of the peened shot, operators can determine compressive stress on their parts.

Peening, a cold working process for metal, strengthens the metal by applying a compressive stress to the peened surface. The peening method helps improve the material's ability to resist fracture, fatigue and stress corrosion cracking.

During the use of the Almen Strip Holder, operators can see just how much of an impact the peened shot has on a part Testing not only gives operators peace of mind — it helps ensure that the workpieces have consistent levels of compressive stress.

Find accessories for abrasive products (PDF, 4.29 Mb)

Suggested applications
  • Use for holding Almen strips for testing peening intensity

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Applications Cleaning
Brands 3M™
Mineral Type Steel Shot
Net Weight (Metric) 498.95 g
Overall Height (Metric) 6.35 cm
Overall Length (Metric) 21.84 cm
Overall Width (Metric) 21.59 cm
Product Type Strip Holder
Slot Width (metric) 25.4 mm

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