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Scotch® Mainline Dispenser P56W, 152 mm, 1 per case

3M ID 7000021402
  • Versatile and able to dispense tape up to six-inches wide and with a 6-7/8" maximum diameter
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Product Details
  • Versatile and able to dispense tape up to six-inches wide and with a 6-7/8" maximum diameter

With our Scotch® Mainline Dispenser P56W, you can hold and dispense tape rolls of up to six-inches in total width and eliminate the need for multiple dispensers in one area. With the ability to hold and dispense various types of film backed, filament enforced and general tapes you'll reduce the need to change tape rolls and types. Save time and increase efficiency in high-volume work areas.

Get More Done with Fewer Hands With our weighted, pull-and-cut Scotch® Mainline Dispenser P56W you'll always have the right tape on hand, no matter the application. The six-inch width is diverse enough to allow any combination of tapes up to and including six, one-inch wide tapes, to be deployed at the same time. The dispenser is portable and can be relocated with ease. Despite its portability the P56W features a weighted base that provides stability for safe and easy one-handed tape dispensing, freeing up your off-hand while ensuring the dispenser remains in a fixed location during application. The rubber bottom won't scratch or mar tables or desks and the durable, and the high-impact plastic exterior means it withstand even the most difficult work environments and heavy-duty use. Dispensers are Indispensable Tape dispensers hold a roll, keep the end accessible, and provide a means of cutting the tape. Dispensers have a central spool or core and include a mechanism at one end for cutting the tape. They are available in a wide variety of options, from single use, to automated industrial machines. The hand-held variety ranges from plastic, which may be either refillable or disposable, to larger devices used for packaging and bundling in conjunction with shipping. With convenience in mind, hand-held tape dispensers are common accessories in office and light-industrial settings. Weighted desktop dispensers are useful for a variety of office, retail, industrial, and home use. A weighted base keeps the dispenser stable for single-hand use yet allows portability to be carried anywhere taping is needed. Dispensers for package and bundling operations also feature single-handed design for ergonomics and convenience.

Core Size (metric)
76.2 mm
Dispenser Color
Weighted Base
Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, General Industry, Metalworking, Packaging, Paper, Print, Retail, Woodworking
Tape Width
152.4 mm
Units per Case
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