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The MedTech industry is driven by some core fundamentals - to design more innovative and life-enhancing devices, to continuously find better ways of manufacturing them, to safeguard their devices and to protect their most important asset - their employees. 3M have a unique ability to work with device makers on all of these first principles. Regardless of what device your're making 3M can help make it better.

  • 3M helps MedTech manufacturers design and build more reliable, innovative and feature-rich medical devices. We provide a range of materials and technologies including stick-to-skin adhesives for wearable devices and diagnostic films for microfluidic applications. We’ll help you find the right materials for your product and get your design to market, no matter what development stage you’re in.

    For device prototyping and process development we can also faciltiate in-house Sterilization for a wide range of devices from stents, catheters, implants, cutting tools, needles, pacemakers, defibs and more

  • 3M abrasives, sustainable solvents, filters & membranes are used for improving quality and efficiency in a wide variety of critical manufacturing processes such as grinding & finishing, vapour degreasing and debubbling of final coatings in the orthopedic, vascular, hospital & homecare, opthalmic and contract manufacturing sectors.

    Our materials can deliver significant process improvements in the manufacture of a diverse array of devices including syringes, needles, orthopedic implants, guidewires, catheters, stents, contact lenses and more.

  • Today more than ever, succeeding in a highly competitive global marketplace depends on speed, accuracy and productivity.

    That’s why professionals in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries worldwide have come to trust 3M sterilization products for effective and efficient monitoring of their sterilization processes.

  • At 3M we understand that the MedTech industry requires consistent and high levels of worker protection.

    We strive to deliver comfortable, well-designed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that offers your workers the most effective protection available.


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