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Population Health Management
Value-based payment design. Applied to improving patient outcomes and population health.

Webinars and Case Studies

  • Listen to Stephen Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer at Montefiore Health System and Herb Fillmore, Senior Director, Market Development, Populations and Payment Solutions at 3M, discuss how to run a successful accountable care organisation.

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  • 3M Health Information Systems are delighted to present a webinar with Sheryl Terlouw, a key innovator in the US healthcare transformation journey. Hear first-hand how Wellmark® Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Iowa worked with their providers to launch a groundbreaking accountable care model in 2012 to reduce and sustain the percentage increase in annual healthcare costs.“It’s not about withholding care to reduce costs, it’s about better health outcomes, which, in turn, help control costs.” Sheryl Terlouw.

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  • At 295 pounds and suffering from chronic ulcerative colitis, Jeremiah was at risk for multiple health problems. After McFarland Clinic's Population Health department reached out to him, Jeremiah's weight loss journey began.

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3M™ Clinical Risk Groups (CRGs) - A Risk Stratification Tool

3M Clinical Risk Groups (CRGs) are a clinically-based classification system (as opposed to a regressive statistical system) for measuring a patient's burden of illness. Their purpose is to give a deeper insight into the clinical complexity of a given population. Greater insight means you can distinguish between patients who may share the same diagnosis, but at the same time differ widely in their severity of illness, overall health status and ultimately their projected use of healthcare resources. The application of this insight can help your organisation in a number of ways, from resource planning and utilisation to case management and disease intervention.

  • Managing care
    Measuring risk, managing care

    3M™ Clinical Risk Groups are a population classification system using a range of data to assign individuals to a single, severity-adjusted group. They create a bridge between the clinical and financial aspects of health care. However much the financial side of health care may change, 3M CRGs remain a stable and consistent clinical model.

    Download the document to find out more about how this software can assist your organisation.

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  • At-risk patients
    Case study: Zeroing in on at-risk members

    "Collaboratively creating meaningful, actionable information and analytics with 3M is not only helping us respond to program incentives and new initiatives, it better positions us for the future, which is increasingly value-based" - Henry Chung, MD, vice president and chief medical officer, CMO: Montefiore Care Management.

    Download the case study to understand how we can help you prepare for value-based care.

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  • Care management
    Case study: Innovations in care management

    Traditionally healthcare providers and systems relied solely on their own physician data and were missing a more expansive view of the member experience. With the analytics accessible through the web portal developed by 3M data on provider practices, utilisation, key performance indicators, individual and population risk scores and TCC (Total Cost of Care) can be examined.

    Download the case study to read how this has worked in practice.

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