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AttestTM rapid readout biological indicator for VH2O2 from 3M.
Welcome to Monitoring Solutions for Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

Coming soon 24-minute BI results for VH2O2.*
*24-minute results pending 510(k) clearance

Soon you’ll be able to get biological indicator results for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization cycles in just 24 minutes.*
Upon FDA clearance, all customers who use our 4-hour system for VH2O2 will be able to seamlessly upgrade to the new system.

NEW 4-hour 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Read-Out Biological Indicator.

3M’s well established rapid read-out biological indicator technology has been developed into a new system for monitoring vaporised hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes (also known as Plasma). It is approved by the FDA for STERRAD® and can also be used in other systems such a V-PRO®*.

With the new 4-hour 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Read-Out Biological Indicators make it easier to monitor every load. Highlighted in EN ISO 14161, the system provides patients with the highest and most consistent quality of care – no matter which sterilization method is used.

Download 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Read-out Biological Indicator System for Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Brochure (PDF)

Download 3M™ presentation Monitoring Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Processes


Know sooner so you can respond faster.

Rapid read-out technology that provides biological indicator results in just 4 hours - allowing you to have the information you need while there's still time to act.

Watch the video to learn about the Attest biological indicator system for VH2O2.

  • Best practices document about low temp sterilization with vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

    Standardise the way you work.

    With 4-hour rapid biological indicator results, it's now practical to implement every-load monitoring for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Now you can provide patients with the highest and most consistent quality of care - whether instruments are sterilized with steam, ethylene oxide, or vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

Get connected to avoid documentation errors.

Biological indicator results and other key information flow directly into your instrument tracking software when you connect with the 3M™ Attest™ Auto-reader 490H. By reducing the risk of human error, you’ll improve accuracy and streamline record-keeping. Contact your instrument tracking system representative for more information.

For facilities not currently using instrument tracking system software, a web based user interface for the Attest Auto-reader 490H, with mobile device and PC remote access options, is available.


Get the confidence of consistency for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization monitoring.

  • Obtain the sterilization assurance information you need with the family of monitoring products from 3M. The same vibrant blue-to-pink chemical indicator colour change occurs across all the monitoring products for vaporised hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Easy to use, easy to interpret.