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    Pharmaceutical Chemical API Manufacturing

    Chemical API Manufacturing Products for Bioprocessing
    Quality Products. Quality Results.

    To meet your demanding needs in the manufacturing of small molecule APIs and for formulation, fill and finish filtration applications, our advanced depth, carbon and membrane filtration products are designed to help you develop and deploy the most efficient process steps.


    Chemical API Manufacturing Overview

    • Our products meet the needs of most demanding pharmaceutical manufacturing applications for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Our extensive line of advanced filter and membrane-based separations products conform to regulatory standards. 3M filtration products are designed for the removal of impurities to help you manufacture the highest-quality pharmaceutical products.

    Chemical API Manufacturing Product Categories

    • To optimize color reduction, removal of contaminants and recovery of catalysts, our activated carbon filter media is available in different pore size ratings and each with multiple grades of carbon.

    • Economical and easy to use, 3M depth filters are optimized for filtering fluid streams from chemical reactors. They are composed of an inorganic filter aid, cellulose and a binder resin, which removes process impurities while providing high levels of product purity.

    • Our membrane filters offer high throughputs and low pressure drops, while also offering validated reduction in microbial load. 3M filters are ideal for 0.2 µm membrane for in-process and final filtration formulation.

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